The next-generation diagnosis and management tool for Parents, GPs and Clinicians

Using image-processing, machine learning algorithms and an intuitive user interface we are putting patients back at the forefront of care. Providing advice, triaging services and reducing referrals to GPs/Hospitals for conditions that can be managed at home.

Our Vision

Data Driven

Through complex computational image-analysis using our machine learning algorithms we are creating a tool that can understand and diagnose conditions quickly and safely with real-life data.

Our goal

Patient Centered

Visits to GPs, Urgent care centres, A&Es and Hospital appointments can be difficult for many people. Using our intuitive user interface, data-driven algorithms and triaging advice service our aim is to put patients back at at the centre of their care

See our Demo

Lets show you what we have been working on

We are excited to release our concept demo and show you our vision of future healthcare. We believe better communication using technology can put patient back at the forefront of care.

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